Allison Barker-Croce
an honors graduate of the
CCI Pastry chef program

Allison Barker-Croce has been in the restaurant business for 26 years, learning every phase step by step. An honors graduate of the CT. Culinary Institute in 2002, Allison has been pleasing the dessert appetites of many ever since.
Her artistry is enhanced by her undergraduate studies at Albertus Magnus College in art therapy, graduate work at CCSU and teaching art.

Naming a bakery cafe is a difficult task (perhaps not as difficult as opening the bakery itself!) Allison and her husband Ritch, have a young daughter: Temperance Love Croce. Often she's affectionately called 'Love Heart' : therefore the bakery's name.

583B Bantam Rd.
Bantam, CT 06750