SPECIALTY CAKES and COOKIES (many can be made vegan or gluten free)

The Chocoholica
Deep dark rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and covered with decadent chocolate buttercream icing
Death by Chocolate: For those who dare
Layers of chocolate brownie, crisp chocolate meringue, chocolate mousse, mocha mousse, rich smooth ganache and a bit more mousse (a minimum of two days notice is required)
A little fruity
Your choice of yellow or white cake filled with a variety of seasonal fruits and whipped cream topped with whipped cream icing
Carrot Cake
A wonderfully moist cake filled with carrots, walnuts & raisins (with or without nuts and or raisins)filled and iced with a traditional smooth cream cheese icing
Lemonade cake
A smooth lemony pound cake filled with lemon curd and topped with a smooth thin lemon icing
The Bostonian
Traditional Boston Crème Pie…that is truly a cake… two layers of buttery cake filled with vanilla pastry cream... topped with chocolate ganache
A Little Tiramisu
Espresso soaked layers of yellow cake with mascarpone and cocoa filling…for the adults Kahlua or Sambucca can be added to the espresso! Oh yeah
Chocolate Guinness Cake
A not so sweet four-layer cake with the essence of Guinness Stout beer
layered with deep chocolate ganache
Famous Sweet Potato Cake
This is a very moist bundt cake, rich with spices and flavored with rum.
Everyone is surprised by the name but comes back for more, time after time
Traditional 9-inch creamy NY style cheesecake in a crisp graham cracker crust
(with or without assorted fruit toppings).

and Cookies

Magic Bars – layer of graham cracker, coconut, peanut butter & chocolate chips

Pecan Bars –

German Chocolate Cake Bars – a layer of shortbread, chocolate cake topped with coconut and pecan & caramel topping

Tollhouse Bars – with or without nuts

Cheesecake Bars – with our without a fruit layer

Lemon Bars - shortbread crust topped with an over the top zesty lemon curd

Raspberry Bars – a shortbread layer topped with raspberries and topped with a streusel topping


Double chocolate obscenely delicious gooey brownies
With or without nuts

Cappuccino layer brownies – our double chocolate brownies topped with a creamy decadent cappuccino layer

Blondies – your traditional soft sweet blondie with or without nuts


Coconut macaroons
Chocolate chip
Chewy Black Dog Ginger cookies
Snicker doodles
Holiday cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Oatmeal raisin
Double chocolate chip
Italian soft Cookies
A bit of everything cookie
now famous Ginger cookie

Buy them singly or by the pound. One week notice required for specialty trays